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Although sparkling wine is widely accepted and consumed as an aperitivo, few dare to drink it with an entire meal.

In reality, sparkling wines are versatile and easier to pair with food than white and red wine, in fact our Metodo Classico/Italian traditional method sparkling wines work superbly with a variety of different dishes.

Particularly, aged and vintage Metodo Classico sparkling wines are a fantastic match to more savoury plates.

Have a look at our Giulio Ferrari 2005Monte Rossa Salvadek extra brut 2010 and Ca’ del Bosco Annamaria Clementi 2006 tasting notes.

Throughout the entire meal, whether it is an undosed, brut or extra brut, fool proof food pairing options are fish, poultry, risotto and cheese.

On the other hand, demi sec sparklings are ideal at the end of a meal to accompany dessert.

Bottom line, you can most likely find an Italian traditional sparkling wine to pair with any food.

But would you dare to go beyond the usual combos and experiment with something unusual?

Next time give the following pairings a try:

Believe it or not, Metodo Classico rose’ sparkling wine is the perfect accompaniment for NEAPOLITAN PIZZA with a tomatoes, mozzarella and basil topping and also for SPAGHETTI WITH FRESH TOMATO SAUCE.

If you want to try these explosive combinations, we recommend matching Ferrari rose’ or Monte Rossa Flamingo rose’.

They both combine elegantly with the slight sweetness of tomato and at the same time, their delicacy does not overpower basil’s aromatic flavour.

SALUMI or Italian cold cuts deli (predominantly made from pork) go perfectly with our sparklings.

For example, Ferrari Maximum brut and Parma ham with figs are a match made in heaven.

Or try our Ferrari Perle’ Nero 2008 and Dorigo Blanc de Noir dosage zero with mortadella! These two last sparkling wines’ fine perlage will pleasantly cleanse your palate from the greasiness of mortadella.

And what about salame Milano? Pair it with a Franciacorta saten! Both salame Milano and Franciacorta sparkling wine come from the same Italian region, Lombardy. We suggest Monte Rossa Sanseve’ saten brut, Ca’ del Bosco Vintage Collection saten 2011 and Barone Pizzini saten 2012.

And can two popular Aussie dishes such as fish&chips and smashed avocado on toast be paired to Italian traditional sparkling wines? Yes of course, they can.

The freshness of our NV sparlings perfectly balances these two fatty and rich dishes, Bollicine Team’s recommended choices are Monte Rossa Prima Cuvee brut, Pittaro brut Argento and Barone Pizzini Animante brut.

If you haven’t tried any our suggestions yet, we really hope the above inspire and tempt you to do so.

They are truly fantastic food and wine combinations, enjoy and let us know what you think after you’ve experienced them!

Time to take your palate on an adventure!

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