How to pour the perfect glass of sparkling

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You have wowed your guest with your perfect skills in opening a bottle of bubbly (see previous post), now what?
Now comes the best part! 
Drinking it!
We will explore different glass shapes and glass care in a future blog, in the meantime let's assume you have the perfect glass at hand.

Pouring sparkling wine

Your bottle should be nice and chilled and this can create external condensation which might make the bottle slippery.
If you do no have complete faith in the steadiness of your hands you can wrap in a white tea towel.
Personally we think it might be a bit of a shame....
One of the many charms of drinking sparkling wine is the bottle itself.
Our bottles are not only delicious but beautiful too!
Place you right hand at the bottom of the bottle, with your thumb in the punt (the indentation at the base of the bottle).
You can support the base of the neck with your left hand.
For added wow make sure your label in facing outwards, so the person you are serving can admire the label (hopefully without drooling in anticipation).

If you can support the bottle with your right hand only, you can can hold the glass yourself.
Make sure you practice this, traditional method bottles are very heavy.
The last thing you want is your guests crying over spilled bollicine!!!
Whether you or your guest hold the glass while pouring, it MUST be on an angle (between 45° and 60°).
Also while the wine should be chilled the glass should always be at room temperature.

Pour gently aiming for the SIDE of the glass.
Never pour directly to the bottom of the glass, this would create lots of foam and aeration, dispersing too much CO2 (precious bubbles).
You want to keep as many bubble as you can alive and fizzing!
Fill until close to the rim (remember we still have the glass tilted, so we are not saying to fill the whole glass to the rim!).
Straighten the glass, wait for the bubble to settle down, fill to no more than 3/4 capacity or less.
Too much in a glass means that by the time you get towards the end, it might be too warm and not fizzy enough.

There is no particular guideline on when to top up.
We personally suggest finishing a glass and pouring a fresh new one as you want to enjoy it at its peak!

TIP: when finished pouring gently twist the bottle to eliminate any drops.




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