Metodo Classico vs Prosecco

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What are the differences between Metodo Classico and Prosecco and why does one cost more than the other?

These two Italian sparkling wines might look similar in a glass but they are not!

They are different not only for taste and grape varieties, but also for wine making methodology and ageing.

Metodo Classico is made using the Traditional Method, instead the process used for making Prosecco is called Tank Method. The first technique is far more elaborated and painstaking than the second one and besides for Metodo Classico, wine maturation takes much longer.

Metodo Classico


Metodo Classico can have lots of complex flavours at both nose and palate along with finer and more persistent perlage.

On the other hand, Prosecco is usually purely fresh and fruity.

For Metodo Classico, three major grape varieties are used: Chardonnay, Pinot bianco and Pinot nero instead for Prosecco only Glera although other grape varieties are legally allowed to constitute a small percentage of the finished wine.


Metodo Classico and Prosecco do have one thing in common: they both get their bubbles from their second fermentation as in the previous one, the wine remains still.

But what is fermentation? In winemaking it is a process when grape juice turns into an alcoholic beverage, during fermentation yeasts transform sugars into ethanol and carbon dioxide.

The second fermentation happens in pressurised containers where the extra carbon dioxide being created remains caught inside the wine rather than getting released and there you are – BUBBLES!

What differentiates the two methods is that Metodo Classico undergoes its second fermentation inside each individual bottle (Traditional Method) while Prosecco gets fermentation n. 2 inside giant steel tanks (Tank Method)


Last but not least the aging period.

For Metodo Classico it can be up to 10 years and even more (check out our Giulio Ferrari!) whereas Prosecco is generally ready to be drunk in few months.


As a summary or for better understanding have a look here below at the head to head, Metodo Classico vs. Prosecco that your Bollicine team has prepared for you!


Metodo Classico



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